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Super Saiyans!
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Here I will talk about Super Saiyan's 1-4


Super saiyan was a legend among saiyans,until Goku transformed on planet Namek. to turn super saiyan you must be under a great amout of stress or need. The person must have some saiyan blood in them, and have a high power level(100,000).
Traits:hair turns gold and spikey, gold aural, and super streagth.
Also, the saiyan must have a pure heart(good or evil).


                             Super Saiyan 2
This fourm is much more powerful than ssj1. It is the ultra ssj perfected.It is triggered by great stress or need. Sorry I do not have more info, I will update later.
Gohan was the first to reach this goal.
Traits:hair goes up higher,and lighting strikes around body.


 Super saiyan 3!
This sate is very strong  and it has the most weird traits, the saiyan's eyebrows disapper, and hair goes down to nees. Some say that this is the strongest sate of super saiyan, maybe. A saiyan can not old this sate for long. Only Goku and Gotenks(fusion) have reached this level.


Some say that this is not a super saiyan form, that it is Oozaru 2. YEAH RIGHT! Just because the saiyan does not have golden hair does not mean that he/she is not a super saiyan. Anyway, it is most likely that this is the most powerful ssj fourm. Traits:hair turns natural color and gets bigger, red fur coat(besides Gogeta, fusion) grows on abdominal, hippy pants, tail grows back, and red outlines around eyes.
Also:the saiyan must become golden Oozaru.
Only Goku and Vegeta(Vegeta cheated) have reached this state.